ITSF has moved!!

I am now blogging at the new and improved If The Stiletto Fits.

Hope to see you all there! xo



ITSF meets McMarden + RB of McD

ITSF meets McMarden + RB of McD

I took advantage of a cool and unique opportunity a few weeks ago when I was contacted by the creative director of McMarden (through none other than Instagram- welcome to 2014 folks.) I guess this sort of thing can happen almost anywhere, but after a … Continue reading

coming up roses

April showers bring May flowers…unless you live in Los Angeles where no such showers have surfaced this year. In the past, I haven’t cared much about spring and always thought of it as the season before summer, but this year it’s inspired … Continue reading

leopard incognito

leopard incognito

Every girl has that go-to pair of sunglasses she grabs after a night of too little sleep (whether that is attributed to an all night study session or one too many glasses of wine is irrelevant 😉 ) Like good lighting … Continue reading