Cleanse Update-Day 21

I feel the need to warn that in lieu of more photos of the food I ate (been there done that), I’m including the most recent pics I have on hand. They just so happen to be of the cruise J and I took to Mexico last weekend. We had such a great time, but to completely contradict everything I write in this post, I have to admit we ate nothing but sinful cruise food for three days straight. Now, on that note…

Phew. Am I happy those 21 days are over! Actually, to be honest, while naturally I had the occasional craving to curb, it wasn’t all that bad. It’s amazing how your body can really adapt to something if you just stick to it. Don’t get me wrong, ending on my birthday may have not been the best idea considering I wanted nothing more than to dive into a Red Velvet Sprinkles cupcake, but all in all I came out ok! That energy and overall “clean” feeling I described in my first post (after my initial “detox” period as I like to call it) truly stuck with me through the entire cleanse. I felt very steady and could actually tell my sugar levels remained consistent throughout the day. I had no headaches, mood swings, or any overall sluggish feeling after meals.

I know there are a few things that I have no intention of maintaining, but there are a lot of aspects of the cleanse that I’d like to keep as daily habits. Sugar is definitely something I’m more mindful of, as well as adding lots and lots of fruits and veggies, and less carb-y foods. I will absolutely still indulge in a delicious veggie pizza from time to time, but also have no problem neglecting breads and tortillas. I’m all about picking the “guts” out of a sandwich or wrap, it really is just as good-just way less filling!

Considering my love and devotion, I was shocked by how little I craved cheese. I had to get used to not using it during cooking because it’s so easy and can really add something to a sandwich or salad, but once I was, I didn’t even think about it. Omitting it from your meal is an easy way to reduce calories, and I found the flavor was easy to make up for with different seasoned veggies.

Coffee was also something I surprisingly didn’t miss. I found I actually missed the experience of a Starbucks more than the actual 400 calorie drink itself! The smell, holding the warm cup on a chilly morning, and the mental high I’d get knowing the caffeine I was ingesting-but the coffee “buzz” I could really do without. I think as time goes on it will become more of a treat, or a desperate “night before a big final” situation rather than a daily necessity.

Having a glass of wine with my man is something I certainly won’t give up, but I think I’ll really listen to myself. Not that I’m even a heavy drinker, but I know some nights I didn’t need that drink with dinner. Now having experienced going without it completely, I’ll be more inclined to turn it down when the occasion presents itself.

I think all and all, while I’m not a changed woman-nor did I drop a dramatic amount of weight, I’m happy I did it. It was nice to know I can, and I’m glad that I stuck with it. I won’t be in any hurry to challenge myself with another one any time soon, but for now I feel great and can’t complain!

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From the Bay to LA

While my schedule nowadays is pretty jumbled and unpredictable (trust me I like it that way) that didn’t always used to be the case. Working 70 hour work weeks M-F, I would usually live for my weekends. Often times having something planned to look forward to was just the motivation I needed to get through that midweek slump.

J and I got into the habit of planning mini weekend getaways. We would hop in the car early Saturday morning, stock up on road trip snacks, and drive a few hours to our destination. Once we arrived, we’d quickly check into a hotel and spend the day perusing the city, then have a romantic evening out on the town. We would wake up Sunday morning, request a late checkout by 12 or 1, (J is a master of persuasion when it comes to hotel staff) and spend the rest of the day however we wanted. Eventually we’d mosey back to the car around 5 or 6 for the quick drive home, refreshed and ready for another work week come Monday morning.

While they were quick, these trips were just as relaxing as longer, further vacations-but for a quarter of the price! By driving and only staying one night in a hotel we literally cut the vacation cost in half. Staying two days but only one night, we had the luxury of browsing the city and experiencing all the must-do activities, but only ate a few meals out, allowing us to splurge a little on the ones we did.

Being that we’re in LA; Santa Barbara, San Diego, and even San Francisco/Bay Area (my home!) are the quickest and easiest getaway locations for us (all pics in this post are photographed in these areas) , but there are still many to be explored around us.

So whatever your budget, time constraints, or stress level- look into vacation opportunities near you. Everyone should have something to look forward to. They can be really easy, especially if deals and steals are involved! And wine tasting. It makes most things better.

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Sparkly Dresses, Sprinkles & Spray Tans

I’m the birthday girl! Yesterday was my 22nd birthday. It was truly an amazing day. Sure, it would nice to be a millionaire, have thicker hair, and drop 5 pounds with the snap of my fingers. But when it comes down to it, life is pretty great and I have a lot to be thankful for. For most people, Thanksgiving is the time to reflect on these thoughts, but personally, my birthday always makes me realize all I have to be grateful for. It’s the one day a year that no matter what is going on in my life, I can forget any stress and focus on the memories and people I love.

Growing up, October was always a bittersweet time for me. I was sad to see the long days and warm summer nights come to an end, but it was also the beginning of my birthday month! This meant planning party themes, creating birthday wish lists, and usually a little pampering. All things I looked forward to! While some of the logistics have changed (ie. who pays for most of it!) the excitement never faded. Now, on this day, I just look forward to talking to all the people I care about. It’s so nice to hear my phone beep with “Happy Birthdays” messages throughout the day .

Similarly to New Years, birthday attire for me means one thing: Sparkles. And lots of them. It’s definitely a day where you can shamelessly overdress for dinner no matter where you’re dining. From Chevy’s to Spago- a sequined cocktail dress is always acceptable. Actually, in my book, it’s a must! These are just a few of my favorite birthday looks.

Ok, with that said, even I draw the line somewhere. While yesterday was my birthday, showing up to the federal building to pick up my passport wearing that little purple sequin number would have been slightly awkward. But I still found an appropriate way to add a little glitter. Not only are these shoes comfy and fun, they were super cheap! I found these babies at Payless on sale in the store for only $16.99. Happy Birthday to me!


Does anyone remember AIM? I definitely wasted many afternoons “IMing” friends, making plans to meet at the mall, and professing my love to whichever middle school boy I was crushing on at the time. Or what about MySpace? I might even still have an old account full of embarrassing pictures from my freshman year of high school out there somewhere. Or when Facebook FIRST hit the scene? Before it took over the world and was this exciting new site to occupy all of our time? A group of my girlfriends tried to create a fake Stanford University email just to spy on-er contact our student teacher.

Boots- Anthropologie, Jeans- AG via Anthropologie, Tank- Nordstrom BP, Cardigan- Forever21, Ring- Tiffany, Watch- (Boyfriend’s) Rolex, Bracelets- Nordstrom/Forever21/Links London. Inspired (loosly) from this Pin.

While they’re not such hot commodities anymore, there was a time when I would literally rush home to my computer just to sign in to these websites. Well, it looks like I’ve entered a new faze of internet obsession in the form of a little site called Pinterest. It’s so addicting, I can spend hours on there. No, literally…hours! All the photos in this post are Pinterest inspired outfits that I shamelessly copied entirely from “pins” I found on the site.

Wedges- MIA via, Shorts- Nordstrom, Tank & Jacket- Nordstrom BP, Necklace & Earrings- Forever21. (Even more loosly) inspired by this Pin.

It conveniently displays images from virtually any site on the web and categorizes them into all your favorite things. It covers everything from fashion, sweets, Martha Stewart worthy DIY projects, technology, entertainment, and if that’s not specific enough for you, you can also search by keyword. It’s amazing. Once you create your own profile you can start “repinning” other users pins, or create your own from whichever websites, blogs, or online catalogs you frequent.

Flats- Target, Jeans- AG via Anthropologie, Belt- Express, Top- Nordstrom, Necklace- Hawaii. Inspired by this Pin.

It also allows you to “follow” other users, similarly to Twitter. So, once you notice someone has comparable style to yours, you can have all their pins pop up on your homepage. Once you establish enough people to follow it’s nice to be able to see all your favs in one place. You can customize your own categories and neatly file all your different interests together.

Next time your bored and Facebook stalking browsing just isn’t cutting it anymore, hop over to Pinterest and check it out. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Happy Pinning!

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1 Top-3 Ways

Whether you’re a label-obsessed fashionista, or a multitasking mother of 3, everyone deserves to have a little fun with fashion from time to time. Personally, I couldn’t categorize my own style if I tried. I can’t commit. Depending on the day, occasion, or my mood I always find a way to mix up my style and try something new. So, when I found this top during my thrifting adventure, I was thrilled by how versatile it was. The fashion juices started flowing, and I formed dozens of outfits in my head around it. Here are three of the ways I would wear this top.

Girlie-I can see this look out to brunch with the in-laws or browsing the mall on a lazy Sunday. The cream colors and sweet earrings add an innocence, while the shoes bring a slightly edgier pop of color.

Shoes-, Jeans- Gap, Tank- Nordstrom, Cardigan- J Crew, Earrings- Urban Outfitters

Glam– This is the perfect outfit for drinks with the ladies, while still casual enough for a dinner and a movie date. It’s simple enough to adjust to the occasion, and allows you to have more fun with accessories.

Booties- Charlotte Russe, Jeans- Gap, Tank- Old Navy, Earrings- Forever21

Edgy– The dark colors and faux leather jacket make for a bit of a rocker vibe, but the hint of crochet tones down the look so you don’t feel full on gothic. This is definitely something I’d wear to a concert or even a club!

Heels- Steve Madden via Nordstrom, Jeans- Gap, Tank- Forever21, Jacket- Express, Scarf- H&M, Earrings- Forever21

Shop for the Boobies!

“The chance of a woman having invasive breast cancer some time during her life is a little less 1 in 8”-This is the most recent figure from the American Cancer Society Website. October 1st marks the start of breast cancer awareness month. This heartbreaking disease is so common, these days it’s rare not to know someone affected. I’ve lost two family members including my maternal grandmother to breast cancer, but I also have many friends and loved ones whom I can proudly call survivors.

A positive message that’s been spread over the last decade is that this disease is not to be ignored. Numerous companies have banded together with cancer research organizations to raise money for the cause. Susan G. Komen For the Cure is a wildly successful foundation that teams up with so many of our favorite brands, especially in October. This is a great opportunity to shop for a cause. So pull out all the pink in your closet this month, wear it proud, and support the bosoms! I compiled a list of just a few of the great deals currently going on that I can’t wait to take advantage of.

Forever 21 has a line in stores and online now that takes a 10% of your total purchase and donates to Susan G. Komen For the Cure. Make sure you’re in the section marked “Breast Cancer Awareness” as only these items will go towards your donation. They have an adorable salmon trench that I’ve had my eye on!

Fergie, being the fashion lover that she is, also has a “Womens Awareness” shoe in her line. Not your traditional Breast Cancer pink, Fergie created her own version with these hot pink glittered peep toes. This heel definitely makes a statement that is sure to live up to it’s name and raise awareness!

OPI has a gorgeous shade of pink in their new “Shatter” collection. These fun colors add texture to your mani in the form of a cracked two-toned look. Grab the polish in pink and the proceeds benefit cancer research!

Target‘s Sonia Kashuk line of makeup created a glam eye shadow trio with a base, crease, and liner color in shimmery pink shades. Target will donate 15 % of the purchase price to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, as well as offer you free shipping on orders of qualifying products of $50 or more. The shadow pallet is only online so be sure to log in to get yours!

Instyle Magazine featured a whole article of fashion and beauty products that give back. My favorite was the Line & Dot Silk Chiffon Tank. The best part about this flattering jewel toned tank is that a whopping 25% of the profits support Susan G. Komen For the Cure.