MISSING: Female Blogger

Last seen wearing grey plaid top, tan chords, and red ballet flats…OK, just kiiddiingg. Unfortunately, I don’t have some awesomely adventurous story behind why it’s been so long since my last post. In all honesty I was just plain old busy. Boo, I know.

Dress: Nordstrom B.P, Shoes: Steve Madden, Ring&Earrings: Forever21,

Over the course of the past two months we moved into a new apartment, completely refurnished and redesigned the new place, I went back to school full time, lost my hostessing job, continued to nanny while interviewing at other places for more work, tried to maintain a social life, attempted to be the kind of girlfriend J deserves, oh, and then there was this new little addition that maaay have taken up some of my free time…

Mika- 7 weeks

Mika- 15 weeks

It’s been quite a whirwhind of chaos lately, but I wouldn’t take any of the hard work or lack of sleep back for anything. It was definitely worth it across the board. I have an adorable, healthy, growing pup, am on top of my studies, have a happily content boyfriend, and live in an apartment I’m proud of and happy to call home. The only thing I miss is my blog! Now that things have settled down a bit I’m able to commit to posts more frequently. So, YAY!