leopard incognito

DSC01918Every girl has that go-to pair of sunglasses she grabs after a night of too little sleep (whether that is attributed to an all night study session or one too many glasses of wine is irrelevant 😉 ) Like good lighting and Instagram filters, giant sunnies are always your friend on these mornings. Although, it didn’t really occur to me how large and in charge my favorite Tory Burch pair really are until I went to edit these photos, and an experience from earlier today dawned on me. I was wearing this very pair as I strolled into business class ready to face my exam, when I ran into my professor in the hall. My friendly (more like downright jovial, considering it was before 8am) “Good morning!” was met with an awkward dead pan before she finally said, “Oh hi. I didn’t recognize you with your…sunglasses on.” Now, I’m not sure exactly what was supposed to fill that beat between “your” and “sunglasses”, but after seeing them in the images from today’s post, the phrases “massive, excessive, and paparazzi proof” all come to mind. My (very sweet) 70 year old professor may not agree with my accessory choices, but I love these sunglasses no matter what. (Confession: Mika actually chewed a chunk off the ear piece last week and I still haven’t stopped wearing them!)

As for the rest of today’s ensemble, I’m pretty excited about the circumstances under which this top and pair of skinnies became mine. As I’ve mentioned before, my sister works for Anthropologie and I happily reap the benefits of a family discount. I carry a card that allows me to receive 25% off all regular price purchases and 40% off regular price and sale items a few times per year. Employee appreciation, as they call it, just passed and I was able to snag these puppies for a full 70% -SEVEN ZERO- off their original price tag. Too fun! I’ve already based many different looks around both pieces, but thought I should feature the extra bonus that I can wear them together in one outfit, as I did here.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week, I can’t believe it’s almost the weekend. I feel like such an old woman when I comment on how fast time flies, but it really is passing so. darn. quickly! Also, head over to the Look What I got link up party I joined over at Penniless Socialite as well as Simply Just Lovely to check out some other awesome bloggers. 🙂


If The shoe Stiletto Fits.

DSC01911DSC02032DSC02021DSC02038 DSC02137 DSC01961DSC02059 DSC02115 DSC02047 DSC02121 DSC02169 DSC01931 DSC02087  DSC01887 DSC01978 DSC01906 DSC02134 DSC01929


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