red & white

It’s beginning to feel a lot like summer. I can’t wait for the season to be in full swing, but will take what I can’t get. And right now, I’m getting sunshine and white jeans…so I’m a happy girl! These jeans are from Gap over two years ago. My mom and sister both bought a pair and insisted I get them too because the fit was so perfect. We’re all pretty petit so when it comes to jeans, if we find a hit we certainly spread the word. It’s definitely time to buy an additional pair for an updated look, but I will always have this casual, comfy pair to fall back on when I’m in the mood! Plus they’re just at that stage where they’re perfectly broken in to my booty and insanely soft. Photography credit goes to J, although surely I didn’t need to mention that. The difference in the quality of his photos versus mine is not lost on me. : ) I feel like such a pro when he’s behind the lens rather than the 10 second timer or remote.














top: ANGL, Jeans: Gap, Belt: Forever 21, Shoes: Chinese Laundry, Jewelry: Francesca’s


post on the go: dressing room

LA is full of great shopping. You can have any shopping experience you want here, from thrifting and vintage to trendy and couture and everything in between. I decided to blog my way through a recent shopping trip in Santa Monica on the Third St. Promenade, and Santa Monica Place, a relatively “touristy” shopping experience on the weekends, but a place I frequent anyway. When I was nannying full time, the Promenade and bluffs a few blocks down were my favorite places to stroll around with the babies. It had enough bustling action and distractions for them, while I got to window shop! I got very accustomed to shopping down there (basically) alone, so the days I go back by myself feel very nostalgic and peaceful for me. Here are a few of the looks I tried on. Ps. I was shopping bare faced with a messy bun and felt it was crucial to omit this from the post
; )









*photos taken in Foreign Exchange, Cotton On, and ANGL : )

faux fur and leopard

After being sick in bed for a few days, I decided to come back with a vengeance. And apparently that means being able to camouflage into the African jungle. I don’t know if the cough syrup or all the Kardashian’s reruns I watched this weekend inspired this look, but either way I’m not mad at it. I had fun with it, and love finding new ways to wear this faux fur vest. It’s the epitome of cozy. And, notice my new boots! I practically hear the sound of all the money I saved in every step. Hehehe.









Academy Awards red carpet fashion

Let me just give a little recap of last night. I resisted temptation and waited an hour for J to get off work so we could watch the awards together, not a problem since we were able to DVR them. But, because of this we were then an hour behind, and had to seclude ourselves from all technology and potential spoilers, which was also not really a big deal. That is, however, until the show ran over and stopped recording right before the four most crucial awards were announced. Oh, and I was deathly ill. Oscar Sunday was a blast this year! Sarcasm aside, in all honesty the technology we were so intentionally ignoring ended up saving the day and we were able to watch Youtube clips of the Best Actor, Actress, Picture, and Director announcements and acceptance speeches through Apple TV. Crisis averted! Plus, since we were an hour behind we had the luxury of pressing fast forward through all the commercials, so there was a silver lining (hehe, get it) to all the madness.

One thing you can count on to never disappoint when it comes to the Oscar’s is the fashion. Whether you’re raving about it or shocked by less than flattering choices (eh hem…Anne Hathaway) it always gives you something to talk about. Here are my favorite looks from last nights Academy Awards.







going out in style

As I’ve mentioned before, my life lately pulls me in many different stylistic directions. While my nanny style may not be everyone’s cup of practical tea, I do have a fun side too! I am also a table dancing, club hopping, duck face self portrait taking, Hollywood regular, VIP, wild woman!! Ok, I got a little carried away. I am pretty much of those things…(or am I? ;)) But in all honesty, living in this amazing city which I now call home, I am spoiled by all the acceptable fashion risks I see here! From the lavish restaurants to the trendy hot spots you can really go out and be whoever you want to be on any given night. Here are a few of the fab ladies I could’ve been lately.






bloomingdales shoe sale heaven

During a recent trip to Bloomies, I made out like a bandit and just need to brag a bit! They have been having a sale in the shoe department for what feels like forever. So far this year, every time I’ve been there their sale rack has been booming. I usually shy away from these types of sales even though I love a good deal, because they tend to be a little Forever 21-ish (aka chaotic, disorganized and stressful) and that’s not usually the vibe I’m going for when I go to Bloomingdales. However, I knew I wanted to get a new pair of Havaiana’s because it was literally 80 degrees here in LA last weekend. This led me to the discovery that they were also on sale, and by sale I mean killer deal. I got two pairs for…brace yourself…$8 each! I was in shock, and threw in a regular priced pair just for kicks! Then I stumbled upon this fun, sexy pair of Sam Edelman boots for only $99, marked down from $300. I almost grabbed the saleswoman and kissed her when she confirmed this price. I walked outta there with four new pairs of shoes for UNDER $150. On top of all of that I had a gift card that J’s parents gave me for Christmas that I was waiting for the perfect occasion to use. Score! I love my boots and will find ways to wear them even if the weather is warming up down here. With all of this in mind I suggest you sprint, not run, to your nearest Bloomies. Yay for sales!