don’t call it a comeback

DSC04574I’m just gonna go ahead and warn you now that if for some odd reason you’ve never seen the movie Clueless a. that makes me very sad and b. the rest of this post will make no sense. The Clueless quotes are about to run rampant because we shot this look at Beverly Hills High School where, you guessed it, the iconic teen movie was filmed. Also, it is nearly impossible not to associate overalls with the 90’s and the 90’s with Cher Horowitz. I have practically walked through the middle of a Los Angeles movie set without batting an eye, but I spotted the bench where Miss Geist and Mr. Hall bonded over a thermos and suddenly became a star-struck puddle of twelve year old girl hormones (I may or may not have begged J to reenact the scene with me. He didn’t.) I found these shortalls recently and almost don’t remember purchasing them because I was instantly thrust in a memory lane-induced fog for the rest of the afternoon. I ended up channeling Tai more than Cher with this look, but tried to keep my “rollin’ with the homies” gestures to an absolute minimum. I struggled with how to style these overalls because while they are versatile, they can also go “To Catch A Predator” a little too easily, and that is a look I try to avoid at all costs. (Between my height and freckles I have a hard enough time as it is trying to convince people I’m an adult!)  I kept it casual, which always makes me feel younger, but it ended up being a playful and comfortable outfit nonetheless. I’ve seen so many photos on Instagram and Twitter of others rocking the overall trend lately and I have to say I never thought I would long for them, but I am so happy they’re back! And people thought the 90’s was a useless era for fashion…as if!DSC04553 DSC04597 DSC04476 DSC04515 DSC04428 DSC04486 DSC04437 DSC04606 DSC04468 DSC04528 DSC04502 DSC04615 DSC04446 DSC04450DSC04548DSC04426



6 thoughts on “don’t call it a comeback

  1. This is great!! Love the theme, love the pics and love your writing. Might is suggest switching it up with Jellies. 😉

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