coming up roses


April showers bring May flowers…unless you live in Los Angeles where no such showers have surfaced this year. In the past, I haven’t cared much about spring and always thought of it as the season before summer, but this year it’s inspired my recent obsession with flowers. I have an affection for having fresh ones around the house (which is ironic considering I’m completely incapable of keeping a house plant alive- thank you Trader Joes and Whole Foods for your affordable and exquisite floral department) but lately I’ve been drawn to wearing tons of floral prints as well. I scored this perfect little spring dress at Forever 21 last week and have already found so many ways to wear it. I love having dresses like this in my closet to grab in a pinch and still feel put together, it’s like 80% of your outfit is already decided for you! I’m not one for being committed to strapless tops let alone an open back as well, so I usually pair them with a light cardigan like this one I found at H&M eons ago. An added bonus to wearing a cardigan is that it will hide bra straps, and that avoids the whole hoisting your dress (and chest) up all day long which lets face it, is both exhausting and unavoidable when it comes to strapless bras…I don’t think I’ve ever discussed undergarments on the blog before. Call me a prude, but that seemed quite intimate. (Where’s my blushing emoticon when I need it?) Well, before this gets any more awkward I will wish you all a lovely rest of your week!


If The shoe Stiletto Fits.

Dress: Forever 21 Similar, Cardigan: H&M Similar Bag: Michael Kors Similar Wedges: Steve Madden Similar Headband: Forever 21

DSC02699 DSC02686 DSC02829 DSC02791 DSC02696 DSC02682 DSC02680 DSC02708 DSC02776 DSC02767 DSC02827 DSC02720 DSC02716 DSC02763 DSC02672 DSC02622 DSC02604 DSC02629 DSC02611 DSC02660 DSC02688

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