About Me


Hi, I’m Dimitra. I’m from a town in Northern California called Redwood City. I lived there my entire life, until one day I packed as much as I could fit into my Volkswagon Jetta and moved to the big city. I arrived in Los Angeles three months shy of my 21st birthday. I was fresh out of Cosmetology school-license in hand-and saw nothing but opportunity in the road that lie ahead of me. I took a live-in nanny job while I landed on my feet. It was the perfect situation: a built-in family to spend lazy Sunday afternoons with (who wouldn’t question what I did Friday and Saturday), free and stable housing, and weekly cash allowing me to save for my own place one day. I imagined myself living a glamorous life, dripping with diamonds, rubbing elbows with A-List celebrities, and taking long walks on the beach. Instead, 10 months later, I was living a tiring life, covered in pureed carrots, begging the Starbucks barista for adult conversation, and chasing 18 month old twins through the sand box. I had no desire to wear pants without a drawstring and hadn’t picked up a curling iron in months. While I absolutely adore the little girls I watched and still have an amazing relationship with the family today, I eventually came to realize that I had a choice to live my life any way I wanted, and this just wasn’t it anymore. I was ready to move on. Luckily, there was a silver lining to my soccer mom nanny days, in the form of an amazing (and rather handsome!) man whom I met and fell in love with. Thankfully, he stuck around through all the chaos, and we decided to move in together. I  quit my job, we rode off into the sunset, and moved to Hawaii! Ok…we didn’t. But we did spend an amazing week there, and I was a new, reenergized woman. When we came back to LA, I naturally became a calmer, more relaxed person, and I decided to focus only on the things in my life that enhanced that. Hence, the birth of the blog. I know harder times have fallen on many (and I have encountered them in my own life), but everyone has ups and downs and can relate to feeling a little bit lost. I found my way back to myself through the things that I love. I rediscovered fashion, date night, wine tasting, tropical vacations, cooking, and came all the way full circle to health and beauty (ya know, the thing I spent 2 years of my life studying?), so here I write about all of life’s little pleasures that make me, me. I will continue to have my chaotic moments in life as I have always had a bit of a flair for the dramatic, but I’m quite alright with that because- hey, if the shoe stiletto fits! 🙂

xoxo Dimitra


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