bloomingdales shoe sale heaven

During a recent trip to Bloomies, I made out like a bandit and just need to brag a bit! They have been having a sale in the shoe department for what feels like forever. So far this year, every time I’ve been there their sale rack has been booming. I usually shy away from these types of sales even though I love a good deal, because they tend to be a little Forever 21-ish (aka chaotic, disorganized and stressful) and that’s not usually the vibe I’m going for when I go to Bloomingdales. However, I knew I wanted to get a new pair of Havaiana’s because it was literally 80 degrees here in LA last weekend. This led me to the discovery that they were also on sale, and by sale I mean killer deal. I got two pairs for…brace yourself…$8 each! I was in shock, and threw in a regular priced pair just for kicks! Then I stumbled upon this fun, sexy pair of Sam Edelman boots for only $99, marked down from $300. I almost grabbed the saleswoman and kissed her when she confirmed this price. I walked outta there with four new pairs of shoes for UNDER $150. On top of all of that I had a gift card that J’s parents gave me for Christmas that I was waiting for the perfect occasion to use. Score! I love my boots and will find ways to wear them even if the weather is warming up down here. With all of this in mind I suggest you sprint, not run, to your nearest Bloomies. Yay for sales!







I’m Sorry Momma

While, yes, I may be quoting an Eminem song, I felt it was only appropriate to begin this post with an apology for the offensive material I’m about to parade around in front of one of my biggest supporters, my mom. This offense is not in the form of profanity or risque behavior, but in the form of a maxi skirt. She, in the unashamed way only a mother can, hates maxi skirts because they don’t accentuate my figure (or anyone else’s in her mind for that matter). But alas I have fallen in love and now have not one, but (gasp!) a few hanging in my closet. They are so comfortable, light, fun, and make me feel like a cross between a gypsy and a hippie whenever I put one on. Both of which are a-ok in my book 🙂 So mom, I’m sorry you had to see this, and find out this way but please know I still love you and can happily report there is no chipped finger nail polish and hardly a bra strap to be seen. And look, I’m wearing a hat! You love when I wear hats…Right?

Hat: Thrifted, Vest: Ross, Top: H&M, Skirt: Thrifted, Shoes: Forever21, Earrings&Bracelet: H&M, Ring: Tiffany.