how to clean a microfiber couch in a pinch

Now I know I’m no Martha Stewart, nor do I claim to be, but this little domestic trick surely saved my butt in a pinch so I felt compelled to share. If it’s helpful to you as well, you’re welcome. If all you get is a good chuckle at my feigned domesticity, you’re welcome.

To anyone who’s ever purchased a micro fiber couch, whether children, dogs, or obsessive compulsive disorder be your motivation I’m sure you, like me, clung to the promises of a spot free couch. “Red wine? No problem!” The salesman always scoffs, and we gobble it right up. Well, little do they tell you, water (or the occasional dog slobber…I know, she’s spoiled and its gross, oh well!) is the real culprit. One month later and your couch is a spotty mess…not what you paid or signed up for. Well, a few weeks ago J’s parents came over and I was in a rush to spruce up the apartment in the midst of cooking, and I stood over our once flawless tan micro fiber couch in a panic. I was appalled by the glaring stains in contrast to the squeaky clean- well…everything else! I turned to my handy dandy Pinterest in a moment of desperation and low and behold, the easiest remedy lit up my computer screen. Ten minutes later my couch looked better than new. No mess, no chemical odor, no more spots, no more LIES! Don’t believe me? The proof is in the pics.

All you need is:
1 regular spray bottle
Rubbing alcohol
Tan/light colored sponge
Stiff bristled cleaning brush (also light in color, preferably white)


Fill the spray bottle with just rubbing alcohol and thoroughly spray each cushion. You want to saturate without soaking, but you can safely spray pretty liberally without running into any issues. Then rub the sponge over the surface- don’t be afraid to put some muscle into it! Wait until the cushions fully dry (only takes about 10 minutes or so) and the cushions feel unnaturally stiff. Don’t worry about that texture, that’s what the stiff brush is for, and where the magic really happens. Your cushions will return to their regular color and texture in a matter of seconds and, voila! You’re couch is now party ready!



Before…don't judge.



And after!