marc and I should just be BFFs already

20130219-140807.jpgAm I the only one who feels this way?! If you’re not on a first name basis with the designer like I am, I’m referring to that lovely man, Marc Jacobs. He basically speaks to me on a daily basis through my handbags, but thanks to J and Valentines Day, Marc is now gracing my wrist! In the form of this watch that I…I mean, J saw online a few weeks ago. 😉 I belong to the site, Guilt and get daily emails about the specials and deals they have going on. It’s a great site, but I rarely actually purchase anything from it, just gaze longingly at the fabulous fashion. That is, until the day “Marc Jacobs Watches” was the title of the deal…I wanted to buy every watch on the page! But I settled on this neutral watch that I hope to wear with everything. I love the leather band (most of mine are acrylic) so it felt like the perfect change up, and it was such a steal! Not that I’d know…it was a gift after all 😉








I’m Sorry Momma

While, yes, I may be quoting an Eminem song, I felt it was only appropriate to begin this post with an apology for the offensive material I’m about to parade around in front of one of my biggest supporters, my mom. This offense is not in the form of profanity or risque behavior, but in the form of a maxi skirt. She, in the unashamed way only a mother can, hates maxi skirts because they don’t accentuate my figure (or anyone else’s in her mind for that matter). But alas I have fallen in love and now have not one, but (gasp!) a few hanging in my closet. They are so comfortable, light, fun, and make me feel like a cross between a gypsy and a hippie whenever I put one on. Both of which are a-ok in my book 🙂 So mom, I’m sorry you had to see this, and find out this way but please know I still love you and can happily report there is no chipped finger nail polish and hardly a bra strap to be seen. And look, I’m wearing a hat! You love when I wear hats…Right?

Hat: Thrifted, Vest: Ross, Top: H&M, Skirt: Thrifted, Shoes: Forever21, Earrings&Bracelet: H&M, Ring: Tiffany.