pink pants and polka dots

hot pinkI think it’s physically impossible to be anything but happy while wearing neon polka dots and pink pants. As soon as Spring hit, these hot pink pants, or pink hot pants ūüėČ were one of the first items I pulled out of my closet. They are so happy and bright that they can’t go unnoticed, and always garner comments when I wear them. I felt this polka dot top added another element of fun to the look without competing with the sheer brightness of the bottoms, but this necklace is a¬†piece I am super excited about. I have no idea why, but I’ve always been obsessed¬†with jewelry that makes noise. This chunky necklace does just that, while adding a feminine touch to every outfit I pair it with!

I’ve been on Spring Break¬†from school this week, which I have to say has been so lovely. The week was comprised of¬†the perfect mix of productivity, relaxation, and even a little shopping (which¬†qualifies as¬†both of those things if you ask me.) I’m eager to shoot¬†and¬†feature all my new items here on the blog soon! These little breaks from school give me some needed time to breathe, but are also a glimpse into life after graduation. It’s very motivating to see¬†how my days will change when I have one less commitment to juggle, and can dedicate more time to “work” and all the enjoyable¬†things I get to do while still¬†calling it that. ūüôā Happy Friday!


If The shoe Stiletto Fits.

DSC00945 DSC00981 DSC00995 DSC00921 DSC00895 DSC00815 DSC00950 DSC00810 DSC00872 DSC00870 DSC00761 DSC00781 DSC00823 DSC00910 DSC00986 DSC00916 DSC00799 DSC00774 DSC00753


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