DIY floral crop top + white jeans

floral print w labelsI’m pretty sure that my undying love for color is no secret at this point. This post demonstrates just that with its array of bright pops of color, and a bonus floral print thrown in! These three together were a no brainer for me. When it comes to these white pants though, I had to force myself to purchase them and replace the bagillion year old Gap version I had maintained a death grip on each season since the dawn of time (aka several years.) Thankfully, I found there is room for many white jean variations in my closet. They all play nicely, and I haven’t regretted the purchase for one second. Also, they are surprisingly flattering considering they are white and skinny jeans, which can be dicey. They are so soft and comfortable that I’m always motivated to throw them on, especially on the rare occasion that I don’t know what else to wear. This shirt was another ancient piece that barely escaped the “donate” pile, until I had the idea to rehab it. I literally took a pair of scissors, hacked the front third of the top off, and threw it in the trash. Viola! New shirt! Rachel Zoe and Isaac Mizrahi spoke out on their distaste for the crop top trend recently, and I do respect their opinion, but I felt my version was acceptably subdued seeing as it wasn’t a full blown Britney Spears circa 1999 crop top. 😉

This was one of the looks J captured with his new camera. Pretty fancy, huh? For those who care, he shot with a Sony A7 and alternated between the Zeiss 35mm F/2.8,  Nikkor 50mm F/1.8, and Nikkor 85mm F/1.8 lenses. I love that both of our loves/hobbies overlap when we shoot together. Plus we view LA through a fresh set of eyes, constantly scoping out new photo shoot worthy spots, which has been fun! Hope you guys enjoy! xo

I’m also participating in two fun link up party over at Plane Pretty and The Life of the Party along with many other awesome fashion bloggers. Go check them out! 🙂

If The shoe Stiletto Fits.

DSC00526 DSC00557 DSC00550 DSC00441 DSC00450 DSC00680 DSC00531 DSC00623 DSC00672 DSC00470 DSC00663 DSC00425 DSC00412 DSC00572 DSC00634 DSC00640 DSC00540 DSC00647 DSC00420


4 thoughts on “DIY floral crop top + white jeans

  1. Hi there. I am Ada, I found you via a link-up. You did such a good job with this stunning floral top which looks so good with the white skinny jeans. The necklace & stilettos are gorgeous. You are a gorgeous girl, as well. =) I also love the name of your blog.

    I’d love for us to follow and support each other. I always love finding out new, awesome bloggers. I invite you to stop over by my blog. I am doing a 30 for 30 remix challenge this month. Thanks a lot, Ada. =)

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