nanny life lately

Happy almost Friday friends! Life lately has been consumed by chasing a two year old wild man with his newborn bro strapped to me in the Pacific Palisades, extracting play-doh from my finger nails, bubbles and poor little B’s snotty nose in Brentwood, and tutus, princesses upon princesses and ballet class with the twins in Santa Monica. These kids fill my days and crack me up. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. In the midst of my nannyhood bliss I also sold my car- yay! Hope to post about the new one soon…once I find it : ) This weekend I will (fingers crossed!) be in Portland visiting Sis and T and seeing their new place! It’s going to be a strange shift of gears to step on the plane at LAX in Havaianas and a tank, and arrive at PDX in Hunter wellies and layered sweaters…welcome to Portland! I’ll be sure to snap plenty of pics and hopefully a few outfit photos as well.









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