turning the weekend around

To say this weekend didn’t go as planned would be quite the understatement. After spending four hours sitting in the United terminal at LAX, watching the second and final flight to San Francisco take off without me, I had nothing left to do but accept defeat and head home. In hindsight, my plan to try to fly standby on the Friday night of Easter weekend, had more than a few flaws. Needless to say, I never made it to my best friend’s wedding dress shopping, or Easter Sunday with my family. J’s family was also out of town so it ended up being a quiet weekend with my man and my pup. The weather cooperated Saturday and we were out and about all day enjoying the sun. We had lunch in Brentwood and later walked around Beverly Hills and Rodeo Dr. All in all it ended up being a lovely, relaxing weekend. I drowned my guilt and disappointment in Susie Cakes celebration cake (if you haven’t had it, it’s life changing) then curled up Sunday night with popcorn and the Game of Thrones season premiere! Another life changer if you’re a GOT viewer can be found here. Here are a few snapshots I took throughout. Happy belated Easter to those who celebrated 🙂











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