easy breezy & bright

That pretty much sums up my outfit and mood today. Plus I have Starbucks, and that goes with everything. I’m squeezing in a few hours of nannying before jet setting to San Francisco. Both boys are napping so clearly I’m left to do nothing but take photos and Vine videos of my outfit ; ) I’m making the trip up to the Bay to help my best friend pick out her wedding dress! I can’t decide if this makes me feel old or not because I woke up this morning antsy and giddy like in elementary school when you knew it was Friday AND you got to go on a field trip…and both of those things are (sorta) happening today! I threw on my comfy jeans that have a gigantic rip in the knee, a cute pair of sandals, and my happy sweater. The color and perfectly loose fit pretty much explain the sweater’s name. Now, I’m aware that ripped jeans aren’t really cool anymore, but I skirt this issue with the fact that I don’t buy them “distressed” circa 2001 Abercrombie & Fitch; they came to be that way on their own, with love and wear and tear! So that makes it kinda ok, right? Eventually I’ll crop them at the thigh and make cute worn in summer shorts, but I’m just not ready yet! Happy Friday!










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