Academy Awards red carpet fashion

Let me just give a little recap of last night. I resisted temptation and waited an hour for J to get off work so we could watch the awards together, not a problem since we were able to DVR them. But, because of this we were then an hour behind, and had to seclude ourselves from all technology and potential spoilers, which was also not really a big deal. That is, however, until the show ran over and stopped recording right before the four most crucial awards were announced. Oh, and I was deathly ill. Oscar Sunday was a blast this year! Sarcasm aside, in all honesty the technology we were so intentionally ignoring ended up saving the day and we were able to watch Youtube clips of the Best Actor, Actress, Picture, and Director announcements and acceptance speeches through Apple TV. Crisis averted! Plus, since we were an hour behind we had the luxury of pressing fast forward through all the commercials, so there was a silver lining (hehe, get it) to all the madness.

One thing you can count on to never disappoint when it comes to the Oscar’s is the fashion. Whether you’re raving about it or shocked by less than flattering choices (eh hem…Anne Hathaway) it always gives you something to talk about. Here are my favorite looks from last nights Academy Awards.








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