my nanny style

I wear many (metaphorical) hats these days, and with each one a new fashion persona is born. Today I thought I’d give a peek into my nanny style persona. She actually has her own name because never in the history of my life has a child under the age of four been able to pronounce Dimitra correctly. So “she” (aka me, in case I lost ya 😉 ) has had a plethora of names ranging from Mimi to Dimi to Mitra, but lately with my current batch of almost two year olds, it’s just been D. I can handle that. So here’s a look at D’s wardrobe.

This is a look that’s pretty much the most dressed up I’ll ever be when I’m chasing after toddlers. Some days I have time to meet up with friends or grab a bite with J after work, so I need a look that can satisfy both brunch and babies.


Some days I know I’m in for a long hike with the stroller or toddler class with the little ones. The upside about these days is that work doubles as my workOUT as well!


My basic “go to” nanny look, includes light layers as a must! This gives me flexibility whether we’re inside or out!


A look that easily translates from college student to nanny. Also a staple look in my wardrobe!



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