bloomingdales shoe sale heaven

During a recent trip to Bloomies, I made out like a bandit and just need to brag a bit! They have been having a sale in the shoe department for what feels like forever. So far this year, every time I’ve been there their sale rack has been booming. I usually shy away from these types of sales even though I love a good deal, because they tend to be a little Forever 21-ish (aka chaotic, disorganized and stressful) and that’s not usually the vibe I’m going for when I go to Bloomingdales. However, I knew I wanted to get a new pair of Havaiana’s because it was literally 80 degrees here in LA last weekend. This led me to the discovery that they were also on sale, and by sale I mean killer deal. I got two pairs for…brace yourself…$8 each! I was in shock, and threw in a regular priced pair just for kicks! Then I stumbled upon this fun, sexy pair of Sam Edelman boots for only $99, marked down from $300. I almost grabbed the saleswoman and kissed her when she confirmed this price. I walked outta there with four new pairs of shoes for UNDER $150. On top of all of that I had a gift card that J’s parents gave me for Christmas that I was waiting for the perfect occasion to use. Score! I love my boots and will find ways to wear them even if the weather is warming up down here. With all of this in mind I suggest you sprint, not run, to your nearest Bloomies. Yay for sales!







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