i love, love

This week brought us the lovely holiday, Valentines Day. Ya either love it or ya hate, I say embrace it! (Oh God that rhymed, and I thought I couldn’t get cheesier.) It’s a day to be overly gushy and love, love! Personally we always celebrated it in my family growing up, and I looked forward to it every year. That is, until I got my first boyfriend and entered those few sketchy years where it meant cheap wine and a last minute Hallmark Card. Well now we’re awfully mature and this year it meant fancy champagne, a beautiful bouqet & Marc Jacobs (I’ll post on that little guy soon!) courtesy of my handsome man, tea in Beverly Hills, and a festive party! When my mom and sister decided to plan an impromptu trip to LA to visit me, I thought it was the perfect time to pay them back for all those years of Valentines bliss. I went out and bought as many pink, red, and heart themed things as I could find. I’d say our celebration was a success! Complete with pink drinks and cake pops. Yum!













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