post on the go: tanning salon

Several months back I posted about what I wore to a job interview and that I got the job. That job was at a tanning salon and it taught me several life lessons. One of which being, tanning in LA is very serious business and if an individual residing here feels you may get in the way of their tan, they will not hesitate to scream in your face. It’s some scary stuff. Another important insight I gained is that if I agree to work forty hours a week while taking a full load of college classes, I will keel over and probably die before age 24. I was so eager in the beginning to jump at the chance to earn commission that I way overcommitted. But commission brings me to the third and probably most important life lesson. I am a terrible sales person. I have become besties with our clients and educated them on all things tanning, while getting them the best deal and I became more and more broke. Go figure! So now I’m only there sporadically, and today it was awfully slow…so here’s a post that kept me busy while highlighting my outfit of the day! Win-win.








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