Earth Tones

Dimitra. It’s a unique name that I commonly get asked about. That is, if someone doesn’t just refer to me as; Deedra, Demetri, D’Mitra, Dimitria, Demiti, Debra, Demeesha, or Mitra instead. Yes, I’ve gotten all of those! In actuality it’s Greek, like the goddess Demeter. It’s also the female form of Dimitri, which from Greek to English translates to James, my uncle’s name.

Demeter is the goddess of the harvest…and fertility, but I’ve always chosen to focus on the “harvest” part for obvious reasons. I always thought it was cool that there was a story behind my name, but I wasn’t always a fan of having such a unique name. When I was in elementary school, the teacher would take roll for the first time and hesitate with a quizzical look before saying, “Um, Duhh…?” I would shoot my hand in the air and say “Here!” to avoid further embarrassment. It was times like those, that I wished my name were Katie, Ashley, Kaitlin, or Nicole. Nobody ever got those names wrong!

I never asked to be called a shortened version of my name though. Overtime I have acquired a billion nicknames, but for the most part I’m Dimitra. And I’m kinda glad, because now that I’m older I like my name and am happy that I don’t have to go through the identity crisis and confusion of asking everyone to go back to calling me by my “real” name again.

I like to have days where I embrace my “goddess of the harvest” side. Like today, with this outfit and all it’s earthy tones. I tried to balance the neutrals and boyishness of the olive pants and chambray top with shiny accessories and dramatic earrings. Typically, I tend to gravitate towards glitter, glam, and pink, but I also try to find things that flatter my skin tone and coloring. Earth tones are always a pretty safe bet.

On second thought, maybe an identity crisis and some confusion wouldn’t be all that bad. Hmm…Goddess Dimitra has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Jewelry- Nordstrom, Circle Necklace- Tiffany, Chambray Top&Colored Top- Forever21, Belt- Express, Pants- Forever21, Shoes- Charlotte Russe.


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