Boho Chic

This outfit is one pair of bell bottoms, a VW bus, and a few peace signs away from being too much of a good thing. But I don’t care. I’ve had a little wild child, bohemian, soul sister in me since I was a kid. She, apparently, decided to manifest herself today, in this outfit. Now I like to refer to it as “boho chic”.

I love reading fashion blogs and being inspired by other writer’s outfits, but one thing that doesn’t always inspire me is the notion that they wore whatever outfit they were photographed in, not only that day, but all. day. long. I’m going to be honest, some days yes, that’s literally what I wore head to toe. But some days, what I post on the blog didn’t quite make it into my agenda for the day outside the blog. I haven’t, for instance, had a chance to wear this outfit yet. But I would/will! That’s what matters to me.

Sometimes I put on an outfit that I wore recently to a party/dinner date/drinks with friends etc, and photograph it at a later date. Mostly because I’m ter-ri-ble at getting ready and never find time to take photos before I go out. It’s pretty much the same routine every weekend. I get off work, eat something, and relax for a bit relishing in the fact that I have so much time before I have to leave for wherever we’re going. Then, the next thing I know it’s down to 2 hours. Now, this may sound like a lot of time, but take into consideration all I have to get done and the rushing begins. And anyone who knows me, knows rushing is not a skill I possess.

In two hours I have to squeeze in time to shower, dry, product, and style my hair, apply my makeup, pick an outfit and jewelry, remember deoderant and perfume and get my tush out the door.  This little routine usually includes a glass of wine, some (what is intended to be calming) music, at least one mini tantrum when a beauty product malfunctions, and a momentary silent treatment directed at J. (He’s such a good sport…and knows the drill by now! In my defense it’s not malicious- it’s necessity!)

So in conclusion, yes I only put this outfit on today to shoot it for the blog. Between hostessing and babysitting, it didn’t really have a place in my day anywhere else.  A girl’s gotta be practical on some level! Please don’t call me a liar, because I promise, promise, promise these are all individual outfits that I wear/wore/or plan to wear in the near future. 😉

Hat- Forever21, Top&Tank- Nordstrom B.P, Shorts-Bebe, Tights- Anthropologie, Shoes- Steve Madden, Necklaces- Nordstrom, Bracelet&Ring- Forever21.


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