From His Closet to Yours

In a relationship, you share many things with your significant other. In the beginning, it’s the little yet sentimental things such as memories of your first date…ooor the last piece of cake. Then, as things progress you compromise together over some more meaningful things like cell phone plans and closet space. And eventually,  the big ticket items such as children and mortgages-yikes!

 Here’s a light-hearted thing to steal share with your man, no matter what stage of the relationship you’re in. Clothes. Let me clarify, his clothes. While his cozy sweats, over-sized Lakers t-shirts, and perfectly broken in slippers are the epitome of comfort, there is a more fashionable way to go about wearing his clothes as well.

My favorite thing of J’s to borrow are his watches. Evidence of which can be found here, here, or here. Of course, I have watches of my own that I love, but sometimes the loosely fit, oversized look of his watch just makes an outfit! So next time you’re wearing a look that just needs a chunky accessory, abandon the bangles and grab his watch instead (or stack em and wear both like I do!)

The latest item that has me reaching into his closet are his long sleeve, button down shirts. My boyfriend happens to wear a size large and some fit better than others, but luckily he has a plethora for me to play with! I’ve worn them in the last week casually with ripped jeans to the mall, as a dress belted with leggings and boots to an early dinner, and peaking underneath a cardigan over black skinny jeans (similarly to the outfit in this post) to work.

Personally, I may have worn this look out for myself. But I definitely plan to bring it back next time I want to mix casual with classy, preppy with edgy, or when I just plain old don’t know what to wear. Make sure to ask your man first (or not! I don’t judge) but go ahead, try it. I promise not to take all the credit 😉

Necklace- Macy’s (gift from a friend!), Cardigan- H&M, Shirt- Boss by Hugo Boss, Belt- Forever21 (came with a dress but I never wear them together), Jeans- AG via Anthropologie, Flats- Cotton On.


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