Trends of Fashion’s Past

When I was in cosmetology school, the number one most popular (and most hated by students) service we performed on clients were roller sets. These little old ladies knew exactly which direction each roller should face and would coach you until you got it right. None of us had the heart to tell them that no matter which way, the styles all came out almost identical.

Every single thing about these women seemed so outdated to me, but what always struck me was how much effort they seemed to put into maintaining their look. They wore caked on makeup, brightly colored lipstick (mostly on their teeth), ironed shapeless powder pink button up shirts with matching tapered pants, and white Reebok tennis shoes to complete the look. I always wondered if they just liked the way their clothes looked, stopped caring about the latest fashion trends, or were simply waiting for them to come back into style. Either way, there was just something too cute about them!

Fashion repeats itself. It’s a fact. However, some mainstream trends that are “all the rage” today, may be cause for extreme embarrassment tomorrow. Models may be able to get away with murder on the runway, but everyday fashion isn’t quite so daring. So when a trend hits the scene and is wearable by all, it’s suddenly seen everywhere until it ultimately reaches it’s expiration date and becomes yesterday’s news. A countless number of trends have come to this sad end (and some couldn’t have ended soon enough).

I am a firm believer in wearing what you want when you want, but of course I try to stay current. With that said, I’ve been fooled by a hip trend just like the rest of us. If you had told me circa 2004 that Ugg boots and mini skirts weren’t going to be around forever, I probably wouldn’t have believed you (mind you I was only 14…but still). I’m not going to compare the red skinny jeans and faux fur vests combo that I currently love to Uggs and jean skirts, but I am trying to wear this trend while it’s still hot. Let’s hope one day I don’t look back on the pictures of these outfits and cringe…cause I’m kind of in love with them now. 🙂


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