Makeup’s Dirty Little Secret

I think almost every girl goes through different makeup “fazes”. I was no exception. There was my middle school, “over-plucked eyebrows, brightly colored eye shadow, and bubble gum pink lip gloss” faze. No one will let me forget the high school, “over bronzed, blotchy, non blended, heavy eyeliner” faze. And even I can’t deny my most recent, “anti-makeup, under eye circles, nanny” faze. While I hope to have entered a less embarrassing faze to look back on one day, another thing that continues to fluctuate is the products that I use. This post showcases how I love to wear a few of my favorite go-to products. And the unlikely place, according to some, that I go to purchase them.

As I mentioned in my last post, growing up, I was fortunate enough to have an older sister who worked at the makeup store, Sephora, for years. While my application was flawed, the quality of the products I was using was top notch. I became so accustomed to these products that even after the freebies stopped, I still paid the big bucks for any makeup that I purchased. At 16 years old, shelling out $36 for one tube of mascara seemed to be a very reasonable price for me.

Fast forward a few years and I’m living on my own, going to school, working part time, and trying to support myself. Clearly my priorities have changed (although I still probably wear the “take the longest to get ready” crown). These days my budget just doesn’t allow me to maintain these habits. Shopping at department stores and dropping $100 every time my makeup drawer is running low isn’t realistic anymore. Luckily, now with technology, formulas, and the unfortunate change in the economy, I’m not alone in this battle. But most importantly, I no longer have to trade quality for quantity.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a few specific products that I’ve had a slight obsession with since I was young. I would have to have no food in my fridge or in my belly before I would let these run out, and in the right mood, I still might spring for them. They’re not the priciest, and they certainly aren’t the cheapest, but I simply love the results enough to keep going back for more.

Carmindy Bowyer, my favorite makeup artist of TLC’s “What Not to Wear” went on “The Nate Show” to defend this very point. She made it clear that the ingredients found in drug store makeup today are the same exact ingredients you pay top dollar for at department stores. Yes, the experience will be much less glamorous and will definitely require more planning, but isn’t saving hundreds of dollars in the long run well worth it? I think so.


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