From the Bay to LA

While my schedule nowadays is pretty jumbled and unpredictable (trust me I like it that way) that didn’t always used to be the case. Working 70 hour work weeks M-F, I would usually live for my weekends. Often times having something planned to look forward to was just the motivation I needed to get through that midweek slump.

J and I got into the habit of planning mini weekend getaways. We would hop in the car early Saturday morning, stock up on road trip snacks, and drive a few hours to our destination. Once we arrived, we’d quickly check into a hotel and spend the day perusing the city, then have a romantic evening out on the town. We would wake up Sunday morning, request a late checkout by 12 or 1, (J is a master of persuasion when it comes to hotel staff) and spend the rest of the day however we wanted. Eventually we’d mosey back to the car around 5 or 6 for the quick drive home, refreshed and ready for another work week come Monday morning.

While they were quick, these trips were just as relaxing as longer, further vacations-but for a quarter of the price! By driving and only staying one night in a hotel we literally cut the vacation cost in half. Staying two days but only one night, we had the luxury of browsing the city and experiencing all the must-do activities, but only ate a few meals out, allowing us to splurge a little on the ones we did.

Being that we’re in LA; Santa Barbara, San Diego, and even San Francisco/Bay Area (my home!) are the quickest and easiest getaway locations for us (all pics in this post are photographed in these areas) , but there are still many to be explored around us.

So whatever your budget, time constraints, or stress level- look into vacation opportunities near you. Everyone should have something to look forward to. They can be really easy, especially if deals and steals are involved! And wine tasting. It makes most things better.

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