Does anyone remember AIM? I definitely wasted many afternoons “IMing” friends, making plans to meet at the mall, and professing my love to whichever middle school boy I was crushing on at the time. Or what about MySpace? I might even still have an old account full of embarrassing pictures from my freshman year of high school out there somewhere. Or when Facebook FIRST hit the scene? Before it took over the world and was this exciting new site to occupy all of our time? A group of my girlfriends tried to create a fake Stanford University email just to spy on-er contact our student teacher.

Boots- Anthropologie, Jeans- AG via Anthropologie, Tank- Nordstrom BP, Cardigan- Forever21, Ring- Tiffany, Watch- (Boyfriend’s) Rolex, Bracelets- Nordstrom/Forever21/Links London. Inspired (loosly) from this Pin.

While they’re not such hot commodities anymore, there was a time when I would literally rush home to my computer just to sign in to these websites. Well, it looks like I’ve entered a new faze of internet obsession in the form of a little site called Pinterest. It’s so addicting, I can spend hours on there. No, literally…hours! All the photos in this post are Pinterest inspired outfits that I shamelessly copied entirely from “pins” I found on the site.

Wedges- MIA via, Shorts- Nordstrom, Tank & Jacket- Nordstrom BP, Necklace & Earrings- Forever21. (Even more loosly) inspired by this Pin.

It conveniently displays images from virtually any site on the web and categorizes them into all your favorite things. It covers everything from fashion, sweets, Martha Stewart worthy DIY projects, technology, entertainment, and if that’s not specific enough for you, you can also search by keyword. It’s amazing. Once you create your own profile you can start “repinning” other users pins, or create your own from whichever websites, blogs, or online catalogs you frequent.

Flats- Target, Jeans- AG via Anthropologie, Belt- Express, Top- Nordstrom, Necklace- Hawaii. Inspired by this Pin.

It also allows you to “follow” other users, similarly to Twitter. So, once you notice someone has comparable style to yours, you can have all their pins pop up on your homepage. Once you establish enough people to follow it’s nice to be able to see all your favs in one place. You can customize your own categories and neatly file all your different interests together.

Next time your bored and Facebook stalking browsing just isn’t cutting it anymore, hop over to Pinterest and check it out. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Happy Pinning!

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