Starbucks vs. Jamba?

I never thought this day would come. But I may have replaced (gasp!)…Starbucks. Now, even I’m not naive enough to say it’s forever, BUT, I will say I feel just as energized, refreshed, and overall healthier. Why even attempt such a feat you ask? Let’s rewind to last Saturday night. I was at a friends house catching up over a few glasses of wine, when a friend mentioned he had just gotten off a 21 day cleanse.

As I was listening to him describe how amazing he felt and all the other benefits I thought about my own eating habits that day. It went pretty much like this:

7:45am- Wake to blasting, obnoxious alarm clock. Slather on three layers of concealer to cover under eye circles.

8:30am- Rush out the door to nearest Starbucks for my daily happy-pill caffeine fix (if I were blindfolded and walked into a Starbucks the smell alone would perk me up).

9:00am- Arrive at my job pleasant and ready to work.

12:30pm- Crash.

12:34pm- Obsess over my boredom. And the time. And why it has suddenly stopped.

2:15pm- Leave work, meet the boyfriend for lunch and scarf down half a chicken sandwich.

4:00-5:15pm- Pass out face down on the couch in front of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” reruns.

6:30pm- Shower and get ready for the night. Reapply concealer.

8:30pm- Eat leftover pizza for dinner. (In my defense it was thin crust, veggie, and made with semi-homemade Whole Foods dough!)

9:30pm- Arrive at friends house for wine and Samba dancing…which brings us back to the Cleanse conversation.

Ok, so maybe there was some room for improvement here. Long story short, I started the 21 day cleanse last Monday. There are a ton of restrictions but the main food groups to avoid are dairy, soy, wheat, gluten, yeast, acidic foods, alcohol, and of course coffee. (It sounds way more daunting then it is I swear! Check out the website for more details here)

So instead of my daily trips to Starbucks, I’ve started walking to my local Jamba Juice and ordering their fruit only smoothies. Not only are they delicious and refreshing, but they seem to give me the same energy boost I need to get through the day, without the crash! I’ve even come to look forward to my little Jamba date! An added plus is they’re doing a promotion where you fill out a survey online and get a free 16oz smoothie with the purchase of your next! So I pick up a smoothie in the afternoon and store one in the fridge for the following morning. A time and money saver. I can’t complain.

Now it’s only been a week, so check in with me on day 20 and see how chipper I am about neglecting that Vanilla Latte craving, but either way it’s nice to know that I can go without.

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