Thrifting. It just has a ring to it, doesn’t it? Since I jumped on this bandwagon, oh, about a week ago, I’ve been helplessly overusing the term…and will probably continue to do so throughout this post. I had been to consignment stores before, but only to sell clothes when money was tight. That was great, but it took me a few years to actually shop the merchandise. Truthfully it always looked overwhelming and cluttered to me, two things I don’t do well with. But recently, I decided to indulge in some guilt free shopping.

I came away with this entire outfit for under $35 (minus the shoes)! I ended up trying on about 15 pieces, most of which I would have been happy to walk away with. Not to mention the labels were intoxicating! J Brand, 7 For All Mankind, Michael Stars, and Splendid to name a few.

Scarf-$8, Rock N Republic Jeans-$13.95 (I pointed out the loose button and they knocked them down from $35!, Top-$12.55, Total:$34.50!

Now that I’m a thrifting expert and all, I came up with some tips and tricks to get the most out of your thrifting experience.

Tips for selling:

-Check out the website before going in, often times companies will post certain items or season’s they’re specifically shopping for at the time. This will help you weed through the goods you’re willing to give up and choose the items they’re more likely to purchase.

-Go on a day that you have some time to kill, it can be a time consuming process, sometimes with lines to get to a buyer, so don’t go when you have a few things to do that day. Come ready to shop around a bit while you wait.

-Call ahead of time to see if they buy jewelry. It requires a certain license that some places don’t have, but the places that do buy it offer an easy way to get the most bang for your buck. You’ll be shocked how quickly little jewelry pieces will add up to big $$$.

Tips for buying:

-Make sure you have some idea of what you’re looking for, it’s easy to get lost in all the chaos, so having a plan makes it easier to still grab a bunch of things and not be totally all over the place.

-Try to acquire some pieces that you normally wouldn’t, whether it’s a brand that is usually out of your price range, or something not exactly practical that you wouldn’t usually invest in, take advantage of the ridiculous deals these places offer!

-Don’t haggle, it’s tacky. However, if the quality is compromised, but you still want the item (maybe a snag that’s easy to hide, a tear in a seam you can repair yourself, or a button is loose but fixable like mine!) point it out to the cashier and ask if there’s anything they can do about the price. They’ll usually knock off at least 30%, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Politely. šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Thrifting

  1. I have been recently going thrifting myself lately.
    $8.99 banana republic black dress
    6.99 Michael kors black dress pants
    5.99 lounge gap pants
    8.99 juicy couture(our favorite) sweat jacket

    Cha Ching happy girl!!!

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